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"As one of the world's most commonly spoken languages, the importance of learning the Spanish language is greater with each passing day. Not only is it an official language of numerous countries and international organizations, but it also plays a fundamental role in international business, commerce and politics. That's where Enforex steps in. Founded in 1989, we are the largest and most prestigious organization in Spain & Latin America specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language."
"As a general rule, our courses have been tailored to adapt to the need of our students, rather than forcing the compromise to come from our customers. In this respect, we have singled out a set of characteristics that apply to most general courses and that give freedom of choice to prospective students in terms of when, where and for how long they wish to embark on this adventure with us."

Spanish Courses:

1.Intensive Spanish Courses
2.Junior Spanish Courses
3.Special Spanish Courses
4.Business & Professional Spanish Courses
5.Active Spanish Courses

Destinations & Summer Camps:



-Host Families
-Shared Student Apartments
-Student Residences
-Private Apartments

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