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Cambridge is one of the most beautiful University cities in the world. Whilst being famous internationally for education it is also a vibrant environment for young people to develop.
St. Andrew's offers two main routes into university:
A-levels and University Foundation courses. A-levels are internationally-recognised qualifications and our Foundation courses are widely accepted at leading UK universities.

GCSEs Course:

Are you thinking about going on to study A-levels and going to a UK University? Whether you're a UK or international student looking to start or complete your GCSEs, this qualification is a must for your future for employers and university pathways. If you are aged 14 or 15 and have a B2 level of English then GCSEs are for you. We offer small classes, averaging 4 students, personal tutors with whom students meet once weekly, and for international students we pride ourselves on providing residential accommodation near the college with live-in wardens with years of experience in looking after international students. If your first language is not English, don't worry. St. Andrew's provides students with 3 hours of Academic English every week to ensure they progress well and get good results.

A Levels:

Why you should take A-levels with us:

For students wishing to get onto the most demanding and prestigious courses at UK universities, the ideal route is to take A-levels. A-levels offer the best route into universities such as Oxford and Cambridge; they are also required in order to progress onto certain courses, such as Medicine and Veterinary Science.

How A-levels are different at St. Andrew's:

At St. Andrew's, A-level students benefit from studying in small classes, each with no more than 12 students but normally fewer. This ensures students receive the focus and attention they need in order to prepare for their        A-levels and university courses. The small groups allow for a dynamic study                   environment and we are pleased to say that our students regularly exceed the national average                   grades achieved by British students.


St. Andrew's College Cambridge has been teaching University Foundation Courses since 1995 and has continually managed to successfully place students in top UK universities. St. Andrew's foundation courses are valid and accepted by almost all UK universities.

Why should you take a Foundation course?

Foundation courses offer a quick and economical access to UK Universities for students aged over 16. The system of continual assessment means that there is a little less pressure on the final exams than when studying A-levels; students are given a chance to demonstrate their ability over the duration of the course. Small classes, personal tutors and our extensive experience in helping students gain places at their first choice Universities make foundation courses an attractive alternative to A-levels.

Halls of Residence:

Each of our 5 Halls of Residence is within walking distance of both Regent Street and Station Road, respectively. We have a unique house warden system which ensures that students study in a safe, supervised location

Centrally Located:

The halls are from 5 to 20 minutes' walk from the school buildings, making getting to and from the college convenient for students

The Warden System:

Every hall has a live-in warden whose job it is to look after students by preparing their meals, doing their laundry once a week and knowing their whereabouts outside of class time.


We have a large number of single and single with en-suite rooms, as well as large twin rooms for students to share. Bedrooms are well-maintained and provide students with all the facilities they need to concentrate on their studies

Common Rooms:

When taking a break from studying students can socialize in the spacious common rooms provided in the houses. These include TVs, comfortable sofas, DVD players, a desktop computer with printer and also a basic kitchen where they can prepare easy snacks and cups of tea or hot chocolate!


You can get the most out of living in the UK by staying in a homestay. All our homestays are checked and vetted by our Accommodation Officer and we aim to ensure they are as conveniently placed as possible, giving students easy access to the college and local amenities. Many homestays have been working with St. Andrew's for years and enjoy the chance to meet students from different countries. Homestays are typically a short bus ride or cycle from the school, within 3 to 5 kilometres of the school buildings.

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