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Quality Assurance:

During its 20 years of experience teaching French as a second language (FSL), the school has hosted more than 48,000 students representing 50 nationalities. The school was given the "French as a Second Language" (FLE) Quality award, achieved the highest marks possible in all categories and is known as one of the top professional organizations in its field.

Quality language training:

Our training uses a professional and enjoyable teaching method which encourages participation and assimilation. Our professors are certified, hold four year university degrees or higher and are experienced teachers of French as a Second Language. Some of our professors are involved in research projects, the creation of teaching materials and other educational activities.

Professional certifications and accreditations:

CSN: (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education): This Swedish government agency provides financial aid to students.
Souffle:The SOUFFLE French language schools work to ensure excellence in the services its members provide. Quality audits are conducted regularly by outside experts that are established and well known in their field and auditing is based on the quality requirements which must be met.
Bildungsurlaub: This organization recognizes the school as a qualified language training center for German professionals studying abroad.

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