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About International House Barcelona

IH Barcelona was founded in 1972 and has since grown into a major centre for language teaching, teacher training, study tours and related activities.

There are the main areas of activity in the school:

  • Teaching Spanish to students from all over the world
  • Teaching other languages (principally English but also German and French) to the local population
  • Training teachers of Spanish (ELE) and English (ELT or "TEFL", as it is commonly known)
  • Running official examinations, with IH Barcelona being an official platinum centre for Cambridge English exams, as well as for IELTS Tests and -- for Spanish -- the DELE exams
  • Translation courses
  • Providing translation services to companies and individuals
  • Sending students from Spain to study languages abroad (and for very young learners, from the age of 6, we also run summer camps)

More than 3,000 students learnt Spanish with us last year, on the different courses that we offer. As we also have a large out-going programme, (we send more than 200 students to study language courses in different countries each year), we know from experience what sort of issues tend to concern students most, and this helps us to ensure that the students who come to study Spanish with us are given the necessary help, care and attention.

IH Barcelona currently has around 1,200 local people studying English, German or French in the school, so there is plenty of opportunity for our students of Spanish to meet native Spanish speakers, make friends and improve their fluency outside the classroom, in the bar, at social events like our very popular Friday Club, etc.

The quality of our teaching is guaranteed by the fact that we only use fully trained native speakers who have been carefully selected to match the high standards we set ourselves.

Regular courses and seminars held in the school, combined with frequent visits to and from other schools, help to ensure that these standards - and our reputation - are constantly upheld.

The International House World Organisation:

Founded in 1953, International House World is a network of more than 150 schools around the world, all committed to the highest standards in education and business. A key aim of International House is to raise the standards of language teaching around the world.

One important way in which we do this is through Teacher Training courses for which International House has a world-wide reputation. We train our own (as well as many other schools') teachers to enable language students to learn the language of their choice simply, quickly and efficiently in a rich linguistic and cultural environment.

To ensure that every school maintains the high standards that are specified in the Affiliation Agreement, an external assessor visits each school every two years and conducts a thorough investigation into all aspects of the school's activities. These visits ensure that the unparalleled reputation International House enjoys for the quality of its services is safeguarded.

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